Homemade Jello Cups

Originally Posted @: http://www.realfoodrn.com/homemade-jello-cups/ I have been making jello, healthy gummies, and gelatin desserts for a long time. First I started with the boxes filled with colors and chemical flavorings, but once I had kids I cleaned up my act. Making them from scratch allows for so many nutritional bonuses to be added to them. I have finally perfected the best recipe filled with vitamins, minerals and probiotics. Healthy homemade jello cups, there s always room for more Ingredients: 1 cup fresh juice (juice the fruits and vegetables of your choice, in this recipe we used carrot and apples) ½ cup kombucha (here is my recipe) this adds the probiotics 1/3 cup cold water 1/3 cup hot water 1 Tbsp gelatin (we use this kind) Fresh fruit Equipment: Jelly jars (we use this kind) Directions: Juice your fruits and/or vegetables Pour fresh juice and kombucha into a medium bowl In a mason jar add 1/3 cup cold water and 1 Tbsp gelatin, stir until combined. It will thicken A

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